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Old Man's Atonement for Cowardice

Old Man's Atonement for Cowardice

Broadcast: November 7th 1954
Added: Mar 10 2014

Doc Sixgun and Pablo are discussing the subject of age and being an elder in the territories in the Bull Run Saloon. They are watching Pop Needham at the bar, a seedy old man with dirty jeans, and a straggly grey soup strainer moustache. His clothes were falling apart, as bare as the vegetation in the badlands, and his skin was as wrinkled and cracked as a river bottom in a drought. Pop is begging the bartender O'Shea for a drink of whiskey, but to no avail... He's penniless, so he suggests to the Doc, that he wants to donate his body to medical science, in exchange for the Doc paying for Pop to pickle himself in O'Shea's whiskey.