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Old Battle-axe

Old Battle-axe

Broadcast: November 2, 1949
Added: Apr 10 2021

Three generations in Riversend have called school teacher Miss Sarah Adams Old Battle-Axe. When she retires from teaching due to a weak heart she has to move out of the home she has on the school grounds and Dr. Christian puts her in touch with the Crandall family who have a room to rent. Mrs. Adams is her usual bossy self with the the family but they take her in to their hearts especially David Crandall their five year old son is blind but full of kindness. Though she doesn't show it Mrs. Adams is touched by the family and she gives the family a gift they never could have imagined. In the end it turns out that our old battle-axe was a rather wonderful old girl.

Prize play written by Margaret Lowery of Los Angeles, California