Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!

Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!

Broadcast: 1917
Added: Nov 09 2018

Uncle Sam is calling now for ev'ry mother's son
To go get behind a gun and keep Old Glory waving on the sea
Now prepare to be right there to help the cause along
To every chap you meet when you're on the street
You can sing this little song:

Oh, Johnny, oh Johnny, why do you lag?
Oh, Johnny, oh Johnny, run to your flag
You're county's calling can't you hear?
Don't stay behind while others do all the fighting, Start to
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Get right in line,
And help to crush to foe.
You're a big husky chap,
Uncle Sam's in a scrap, You must!
Go, Johnny! Go, Johnny! Go!