Broadcast: 18th November 1946
Added: Jan 26 2010

Major General William Donovan who actually directed the Office of Strategic Services during the war said of the motion picture OSS that while the characters in this film are fictitious the story is based on a composite of actual incidents in the diversified activities of the Office of Strategic Services, which conducted intelligence, special operations and unorthodox methods of warfare in support of allied military operations. He went on to say that it is a tribute to the brave resourceful men and women living and dead who volunteered for these dangerous assignments.

In other words this play is more than thrilling entertainment, it is a glimpse in to the hazardous behind the lines activities of those loyal Americans who paved the way for victory, whose lives depended hour by hour on the meticulous attentions to the smallest detail. An agent of the OSS could not afford to look well fed in a country living on starvation diets.

Alan Ladd stars in his original film role as John Martin.