Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth

Broadcast: 3rd May 1943
Added: May 06 2011

When Gwen Ralston the lovely sister of T. T. Ralston arrives at the offices of stock broking firm Ralston, Donnelly and Bennett both Ralston and Donnelly refuse to see her so she marches right in to the office of Steve Bennett. Gwen owes the bank $20,000 but only she only has $10,000 and she has to double it by tomorrow night. Her Brother T.T and Mr Donnelly had already told her that nobody, not even Steve Bennett could double $20,000 in one night but Steve who is a compulsive liar decides he is going to prove them wrong. But what a way to do it, he slyly invites them to bet $10,000 that he can go 24 hours without telling a lie and shows them Gwens money to prove he is good for the bet.

Sure that it is a safe bet Ralston and Donnelly agree $5000 each on the wager. Oh dear Steve has a hard task ahead of him. He thinks he is going to spend a quiet 24 hours on his own but Ralston invites him to his houseboat for the day where his sister Gwen is also going to be. Ralston and Donnelly have fun trying to make Bennett tell a lie and watching him squirm as he tells the truth!