RUSC Radio - 4th July
Northwest Mounted Police

Northwest Mounted Police

Broadcast: April 13, 1942
Added: Jan 22 2005
The Canadian Northwest, here the adventurous sons of the old world came to trade with the natives of the new and stayed to intermarry with them. This union created a new half breed race, the Metis. Here for two centuries the Metis lived and prospered a law unto themselves. Then civilization moved westwards, surveyors and land speculators came bringing woth them the laws of land and property. In 1885 resentful and confused the Metis rebelled only a handful of fearless hald riding men in scarlet coats, the Northwest Mounted Police stood between Canada’s future and the rebellion that was kindled across the border in a little Montana school house where 2 men came to speak with the halfbreed schoolmaster Louis Riel.