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Nor Gloom of Night

Nor Gloom of Night

Broadcast: 27th April 1952
Added: Oct 15 2013

Ernie the postman of Indiana had too much imagination for a postman and was apt to exaggerate things a little.  On this particular day he got Mrs Whitcomb's mail mixed up with Mr Witneys and Mrs Whitcomb opened the letter and began to read it. It was from a friend in New York who confirmed that arrangements were satisfactory and that business could be concluded on Thursday night at 7:30 at the property on the corner of Third and Parkway. Ernie quickly took the letter from her and sealed it up again. When he gave it to Mr Whitney, Mr Whitney told him it was only and advertisement letter. Ernie thought nothing more about it until he read in Friday's paper that Mrs C Whitney had been killed in a hit and run on Third Street on Thursday evening at 7:30. Now he was convinced that she had been murdered.