No Time for Love

No Time for Love

Broadcast: May 10, 1951
Added: Feb 16 2023

Claudette Colbert reprises her 1943 Paramount Pictures role as Kate Grant in the screen hit comedy No Time For Love. It's a comedy with just the right amount of romance and nonsense to make it fun for everyone. The screen version was directed by 

Katherine Grant was one of the foremost women photographers in the country. She had class and a brain to match it. She believed that she was a career woman, first, last and always and men didn't exist. She gets an assignment to photograph the brave men, sandhogs, that were digging a tunnel under the river. She asks one of the men, Jim Ryan to pose for her and he ends up involved in an accident, which she actually saved his life from by pushing him aside. Egotistical Ryan accuses her of being on the prowl since she met him and tells her that she's not his type. Kate tells him he's conceited that he could expect a woman like her to fall for him! And so the chase begins!