Nightmare at Noon - Radio in the Rain

Nightmare at Noon - Radio in the Rain

Broadcast: August 11, 1940
Added: Aug 30 2021

Columbia Workshop presents two new poems by two well known contemporary American poets, Stephen Vincent Benet and E. B. White. These poems speak with a special intimacy and significance to those who have known the impact of events in this day. Benet's work heard first is called Nightmare At Noon. It was originally published in The New York Times magazine on June 23rd.

It Begins...

There are no trenches dug in the park, not yet.
There are no soldiers falling out or the sky.
It’s a fine, clear day, in the park. It is bright and hot.
The trees are in full, green, summer-heavy leaf.
An airplane drones overhead but no one’s afraid.
There’s no reason to be afraid, in a fine, big city
That was not built for a war. There is time and time.

The second dramatic poem is Radio In The Rain by E. B. White and it originally appeared in the July issue of Harper's magazine. It begins... Sit here my soul and disregard the rain...