Nightmare Murder Case, The

Nightmare Murder Case, The

Broadcast: 14th December 1944
Starring: Bennett Kilpack
Added: Jun 13 2001
Mr. Keen and Mike Clancy are pouring over some documents in his office. Susie, his secretary is not yet in, which is strange as she is always so punctual. As they try to telephone her she walks in. In the apartment below Susie lives a family named Nolan. During the night Susie heard someone crying "Daddy don't leave me, come away from there, I beg you". Helen Nolan came upstairs to see Susie that morning worried out of her mind. She had had a terrible dream about her father the previous night, and then to cap it all, her mother had just told her that her father had not come home that evening. The Nolan's were terribly worried that something awful had happened…