Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The

Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The

Broadcast: February 27, 1949
Added: Feb 23 2023
In The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Edward G Robinson reprises his original 1948 Paramount Picture screen role. The film was 

directed by John Farrow who makes a guest appearance at the start of this program to introduce the story.  The Night Has A Thousand Eyes is a story of the supernatural but it is not a flight of fancy. John Triton is a stage mentalist but it is of course all phoney until it isn't. John Triton begins to foresee events that inexplicably come true and nothing he can do can stop his visions from actually happening. He is worried and needs to get away from the people he loves, cursed with his premonitions he becomes a hermit and the visions stop. Then Twenty years later they begin again and In the end he even foresees his own death.