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Nick the Gambler

Nick the Gambler

Broadcast: 5th April 1951
Added: Apr 04 2014

Maisie Revere is stuck in Nevada. Foolishly, she met a guy in the nightclub she was working in, who asked her to drive a car to Los Angeles. The only thing is, she never realised that the car was stolen until she was stopped by the police... Thankfully, she didn't get arrested, but now she's stuck here, without a cent to her name and no way to get home. As she'd worked in a casino before, she decides to head downtown, when she sees someone she used to work in a show with. Three years ago, she loaned Gloria $100 to get married, but she never got it back. So isn't it just the best luck to see her now, when she really needs the $100 more than ever!