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Never Come Monday

Never Come Monday

Broadcast: April 23, 1938
Added: Apr 19 2021

This is a British comedy of Yorkshiremen (from the English northern county of Yorkshire). his English story written by an Englishman and played by an all English cast is presented in an American radio technique. 

On a Monday morning Cappa goes round the village banging on folks' doors so they'll all get up for work at the mill but today, he woke up at four a.m., had a feeling that it was still Sunday and decides he will tell everyone as much and send them back to bed to sleep an extra hour. It seems the whole village is convinced by him and other goings on that it is Sunday and they all accept a second Sunday in a row, even taking themselves off to church. But some folks question how can there be two Sunday's in a row and if it is Sunday what day is it tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday or even Sunday again? So the Yorkshiremen agree it will always be Sunday and Never Come Monday!