Mutiny On The Bounty

Mutiny On The Bounty

Broadcast: 11th September 1948
Added: Sep 25 2012

The captain of an eighteenth century sailing ship was absolute dictator with life or death authority over the men he commanded. His word was law, there was no appeal and the man who disobeyed could be hung by his neck from the highest yardarm as a warning to others who might contemplate mutiny. Mutiny On The Bounty is a true adventure. The records of the British admiralty depict Captain Bligh as a great hero. He received the gold medal of the society of arts, Lord Nelson honoured him for his heroism and he attained the high rank of Admiral of the Blue. But despite official records there are reasons for believing William Bligh was one of the most hated men who ever sailed the sea.

This story is told from the diary of officer James Morrison who along with young Peter Heywood was tried and pardoned for his part in the mutiny led by Master’s Mate Fletcher Christian.