Murder My Sweet

Murder My Sweet

Broadcast: 11th June 1945
Added: Jul 21 2012
Dick Powell plays the ruthless hard as nails detective Philip Marlowe in a drama as relentless as the crimes that it unfolds. This is the same role he played in the 1944 RKO picture success alongside Claire Trevor who also stars in this Lux Radio Theater version. Mike Muzurki plays the role of Moose Malloy also reprising his film role. The story is about four characters of widely different natures and conflicting motives involved in one of the screens most baffling and complex mystery’s.

In its published form it was one of the best selling thrillers of its time

Guest Producer: Irving Pitchel

Adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel'Farewell, My Lovely Others in the cast: Cy Kendall, Gerald Mohr, Norman Field, Eddie Marr, Robert Regent, Doris Singleton