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Mrs. Hayes Builds Boys Ranch

Mrs. Hayes Builds Boys Ranch

Broadcast: Not known
Starring: Gene Autry, Jane Morgan
Added: Dec 11 2012

Mrs Hayes tells the story to Gene about her husband Alexander Hayes whose real name had been Gus Salvatore was born on the lower east side in New York City in a one room flat and lived with his six sisters and brothers. His mother had died when he was 6 months old and his father deserted the family when he was 5 and Gus went to live in an orphanage. Gus had a chequered life in and out of trouble but reformed and went on to be come a wealthy man. He died leaving a trust fund to be used to help boys like him and now his wife wanted to set up a ranch, to give young boys a good start in life, in his memory.

The show opens with When You're Smiling.