Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Broadcast: January 30, 1949
Added: Mar 25 2023

In this screwball comedy introduced by the screen director, Alfred Hitchcock (yes I did say comedy) Mr and Mrs David Smith, a family with a formula, a couple with a constitution, a set of rules for a successful marriage. There has just been a domestic battle between the Smiths. Right now handsome David Smith is reclining on the bathroom floor his head pillowed on the bathroom scales. Anne Smith is brandishing a razor at her husband’s throat. Mrs Smith is shaving Mr Smith, that’s right and they are both feeling very smug about the latest success of domestic diplomacy. They have respect for each other and always tell the truth so when Ann asks David if they had to do it all again would he still marry her she is surprised when he says no protesting over the freedom he has given up! 

Then when they are each informed that their marriage is invalid due to a technicality with their wedding certificate, Ann refuses to remarry David despite David's attempts to win her back. To make matters worse, Ann seems to have developed a serious relationship with David's best friend and business partner, Jefferson Custer. When Ann and Jeff's relationship reaches a point where they plan to go on a skiing vacation with Jeff's parents, David sees an opportunity to win Ann back. But his plan proves to be difficult as he must navigate Ann and Jeff's romantic connection while trying to win her heart again.

Robert Montgomery reprises his 1941 screen role as David Smith.