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Mr Mergenthurkers Loblies  and August Heat

Mr Mergenthurkers Loblies and August Heat

Broadcast: 28th November 1956
Starring: Nelson Olmsted
Added: Jan 23 2004

Mr Mergenthurkker’s was a tiny man of neat dress and a nervous disposition and turned up at the newspaper office to tell them that there was going to be a murder that afternoon. He said that a secretary in the Bronx named Hazel Johnson was going to be murdered with a hammer. And how did he know? His Loblies had told him…

August Heat is something of a paradox, a chilling story of a heat wave. During the dog days of summer have you ever thought what heat could do to your mind if you are nervous and excitable? The second story is of two men who found the hot oppressive, humid weather charged with mystery and weird prophecy…

There is also 5 minutes of Olympic News from Melbourne Australia at the end of this recording.