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Molly Makes a Call (0952)

Molly Makes a Call (0952)

Broadcast: 9th May 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Aug 12 2003
When Sammy Goldberg returned to the Allison’s house he found that things had change in his absence. His parents were there for his wedding to Sylvia Allison. Jake still is ignorant to the fact that Sammy is not away on a business trip but had actually left determined not to marry Sylvia. And so Jake is very happy for his son for his apparent success for the fine things that are in store for him. But Molly knows that something is wrong without actually knowing what it is. She knows that Sammy left intending not to return but she doesn’t know why he has returned. Although Molly gave Sammy every chance to explain Sammy maintained a neutral attitude so Molly has decided to keep what she knows to herself and find out everything she can before the wedding day arrives.