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Molly Chastises Mr Allison (0962)

Molly Chastises Mr Allison (0962)

Broadcast: 23rd May 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Sep 16 2003
The Goldbergs are ready to set home for Lastonbury. Molly and Jake want nothing more than to leave behind the bitterness and suffering which the Allisons created for themselves and for Sammy Goldberg. And now Sylvia Allison the girl Sam was to marry is exposed to everyone. The wild and furious ambitions, which drove her to such extremes against her own family, are out in the open. But Sylvia still loves Sammy in her own egotistical way and Sammy doesn’t want to marry her. Hysterically Sylvia said she wanted to die but Sammy stopped her right outside the Allison house and there they stands now talking and talking…