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Misty Mountain Part 1 of 2

Misty Mountain Part 1 of 2

Broadcast: 22nd January 1939
Added: Jul 14 2011

Rusty Lane is courting Helen the daughter of his boss but when he hears the voice of Mary Lou over the airwaves on his plane as he flies over Misty Mountain he becomes fascinated by her because he likes the sound of her voice. The feeling is mutual and when Mary Lou hears that this is going to be Rusty’s last flight over Misty Mountain she calls him in distress to help her and he lands his mail plane in Misty Mountain.

James Stewart as Rusty Lane, Jane Bryan as Mary Lou Master and John Gibson as Elmer Sloan Rusty’s co-pilot.

Directed by: Conrad Nagel

An original dramatic story by Grover Jones and Tru Boardman.

Announcer: John Conte