Million Dollar Curse (aka The Richards Curse) Episode 15

Million Dollar Curse (aka The Richards Curse) Episode 15

Broadcast: 30th December 1949
Starring: Russell Thorson
Added: Jun 02 2002
Jack Packard and Doc Long of the A -1 Detective Agency had come to the aid of a young woman crying in her hotel room, Sunny Richards who intended to take her own life. She claimed that she had the Richards curse, which every other generation falls upon a female member of the family. Her great aunt who caused the death of her husband and her four children was responsible for the curse. And now it had befallen upon her so that her loved ones or anyone who tried to get near to her strangely meet some accidental death. Jack Packard, Doc Long and Reggie Yorke, often described as the soldiers of fortune are determined to prove that the curse is nonsense within two weeks and if they are wrong they will leave Sunny to end her life if she chooses without lifting a finger to help.