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Meet Mr Jones

Meet Mr Jones

Broadcast: 14th November 1951
Added: Nov 20 2011
Ted De Corsia plays the part of Knute Kenneth Rockne the fighting Norweigen who immortalised Notre Dame football team on the American gridiron. There are many “Rockne” stories, the Rockne football saga planted deep in the heart of America. In 1951 20 years after Rockne’s death in a plane crash in 1931 Family Theater add another story to the legend of the “Rock”. It is a fictional story that could have happened and Rockne probably would have liked it. Enjoy listening to the story Meet Mr Jones.

Host: William Lundigan

Announcer: Tony LaFrano

NOTE: We do not have the special hour long Thanks Giving episode advertised at the end of the show. If you have the episode broadcast on 1951/11/21 please let me know at