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Broadcast: August 29, 1951
Added: Sep 07 2014

Janey has lied to George from her home town of Strawberry Point by writing him letters telling him she is a big success as an actress in Hollywood. Now he is coming out to see her and she is afraid that he will feel sorry for her when he discovers she only works as a manicurist to the stars. Janey's friend Marian, decides that for the three days that George is in town Janey will live the life as though she is a successful actress even to the point of having someone who is madly in love with her. Janey manages to get Dane Philips, a big actor who's nails she manicures to agree to pretend to be in love with her and George is convinced that Jane has Hollywood at her feet. But along the way Jane learns that she doesn't want to marry George after all and cannot go on living a lie.