Broadcast: May 20, 1945
Added: Dec 15 2014

I remember reading Markheim as a child and then being introduced to it by accident once more as a young man when I bought an anthology of short stories called "Ghosts for Christmas."

As with many supernatural thrillers or tales with a twist it is difficult to adequately write a review without giving away the plot. I could for instance tell you that the original story might have been a potential precursor for "A Christmas Carol" if it were not for the fact that the Dickensian novella predated it by 41 years. We can be safe to say though, that although the literary Markheim may not be the parent of the better known "Scrooge" he is very much the sibling.

In this radio version (which departs considerably from the original text), Markheim is a man who discovers the truth of his soul and the strange force that has been propelling him ever forward. A voice from the darkness within him holds the key to his deceit and will not easily let him escape.