Mahoney's Lucky Day

Mahoney's Lucky Day

Broadcast: 19th April 1950
Added: Apr 26 2009

Mike Mahoney is a simple kindly, honest man. He has been a taxi driver for 8 years for the Purple Taxi Company and in all that time he has met a lot of interesting people. His loving wife Nora loves him for his kindness towards other people but thinks he should be putting himself forward for the supervisor’s job. However his boss tells him he is not the man for the job, as he does not handle the responsibility of his job well. It is Mahoney’s incapability of ignoring other people’s troubles and desire to help and his understanding of human nature that leads him to forget to phone in dispatches. It is also this kindness to others, one young boy in particular that leads to this being Mahoney’s lucky day.

It's a lovely story!