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Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent Obsession

Broadcast: 13th November 1944
Added: Nov 15 2008
Adapted from the Universal Screen film Magnificent Obsession is more than a love story, although it tells of a very great love, it is a story that contains a glowing message for this storm swept world. Stars Claudette Colbert as Helen Hudson the widow of a doctor who drowns and could not be saved because the necessary equipment was being used to save Robert Merrick played by Don Ameche. Merrick is a selfish spoilt millionaire and had been out at an all night party and decided to take a swim to sober up. Merrick a young man who hasn’t done a days work all his life and wallows in his grandfather’s millions, he lives and Doctor Hudson a man who thousands depend on dies. When later Merrick falls in love with Helen Hudson she is understandably bitter towards him.