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Madame Sans-Gene

Madame Sans-Gene

Broadcast: 14th December 1936
Added: Aug 01 2010
Madame Sans Gene is French for Mrs Devil-May-Care and the very beautiful Jean Harlow plays the leading role.

It is August 10th 1792 and France is rocked by revolution. In the city of Paris a rebel mob sweeps on to the Tuileries Palace thirsting for revenge and intent on the slaughter of their king and queen. Through the crowd comes a young girl her clothes in shreds a clothing basket under her arm. She fights past the men pushing her way toward the end of the street, Madame Sans Gene the laundry lady chasing payment for her work despite being in the middle of a revolution.

Over the next five years the unassuming and charmingly direct Madam Sans Gene goes from laundry lady to duchess after becoming the wife of the Marshal of France.