Lucky Jordan

Lucky Jordan

Broadcast: February 8, 1951
Added: Feb 02 2023

Alan Ladd reprises his original 1942 Paramount film role as the protagonist Lucky Jordan. The film was directed by Frank Tuttle who receives a few words from Ladd at the end of the show but does not appear as he is in France. Setting the scene host screen director King Vidor introduces the story like this;" Lucky Jordan was a hoodlum, a two-fisted gangster and a racketeer and like all mob leaders he lived in constant fear of his life. At the moment framed in the shadow of a window across the street from Lucky’s headquarters are two killers, an imported hood with a machine gun and Slip Moran, Lucky’s trusted lieutenant waiting to erase Lucky,." But instead he kills his double Eddie, who came out first. He may have been lucky in that instance but Lucky can't avoid being drafted in to the army. Once there he decides he's not staying and deserts disguised in stolen officials clothing and in a stolen officials car which contained a briefcase with sensitive information in it. Along the way he kidnaps Jill Evans a diner waitress who had seemed interested in him earlier. When he gets back to New York he discovers that his henchman Slip Moran is after the briefcase to sell for $50,000. Lucky decides he's going to sell the information himself for nothing less than $100,00. But Jill Evans who is in love with Lucky tries to talk some patriotic sense in to him. This story is full of drama, excitement, betrayal and a little romance too.

Distinguished Screen director King Vidor is honored at the end of the show and gives a few words. 

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope promote Chesterfield cigarettes.