Long Memory (SA)

Long Memory (SA)

Starring: Castle Lager
Added: Sep 27 2014

Philip Davidson was being released today after spending twelve years in prison for manslaughter, a crime he didn't commit. At the time he was courting a girl named Fay Driver in Gravesend, Kent whose father, and two other men named Boyd and Pewsey was mixed up in a narcotic smuggling company and Philip was afraid that her father was getting her mixed up in his dangerous business. Her father was helping a convict named Delaney escape from the law on his barge. Davidson tried to protect his girlfriend when an oil lamp went over and the barge went up in flames. Boyd's dead body was recovered from the bottom of the canal and Delaney disappeared. Philip Davidson insisted that it was Delaney who had hit Boyd with the poker, the blow which had killed him, but In order to protect her father from spending time in prison for helping a wanted criminal Fay told the police that there was no man named Delaney on the boat.

Pewsey had also confirmed that the dead body was Boyd and that no one else had been on the boat which further incriminated Davidson.

Philip Davidson was sentenced for the crime and now twelve years later he was released and was on his way to Kent. The police fear he has a long memory and may be seeking revenge by going to kill Tim Pewsey.