Long Memory, A

Long Memory, A

Broadcast: Unknown
Added: Nov 24 2013

Philip Davidson is planning on marrying Fay Driver but he is not happy about the criminal smuggling her father is involved in. Captain Driver,  Boyd and Fewsy who were trying to help a man named Delaney get away from the police when Boyd raised a poker to Delaney and a lantern was knocked over and the barge set on fire. Faye and her father fled the scene and he told his daughter not to mention Delaney as he would get 5 years in jail.

A badly burned body was discovered and identified as Boyd. Fewsy lied to the police telling them that Philip had murdered Boyd with a poker. Philip tried to tell the police that another man, Delaney was at the scene but because Faye, Captain Driver and Fewsy  all denied  that Philip was sentenced to twelve years in prison for manslaughter.

When he is released he plans on retribution. He discovers that his ex-fiance has married and her father is dead.