Logic Named Joe, A

Logic Named Joe, A

Broadcast: 28th December 1955
Added: Jul 23 2007

It was on the 3rd day of August that Joe came off the assembly line and on the 4th, Maureen came in to town. And that afternoon Frank Caldwell saved civilization. Maureen was a blond he was crazy about once and Joe was a new 1974 model of logic, which Frank Caldwell had stored down in the cellar. Frank Caldwell was the head service man at the Logic Corporation makers of the machine that does everything for you, well nearly everything. The year is 1974 the Logic machine was working so well that life was soft indeed for repairman Frank Caldwell, that is until that fatal day on August 3rd when suddenly the Logic began doing everything for their users and ding it too well.

Story previously aired as Dimension X on 1st July 1950.