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Little Old Lady Killer, The

Little Old Lady Killer, The

Broadcast: 15th September 1975
Added: Oct 19 2013

Some people die for serious reasons and some people die for trivial reasons ad some people die for no reason at all. Tom Sesslar is about to die in less than ten minutes from now because he decided to stop at a road side diner for a cup of coffee. Well it's not so much the coffee. Perhaps Tom feels like bragging a bit to Sparky Wilson who runs the place. This has been a day of days for Tom, a red letter day. After all it isn't every day that a man's efforts are crowned with success that a man can become the envy of all his friends.He stops at the diner being sure to park his truck in front of the door with his catch on the roof of the truck. The place is empty except for Sparky and a little grey old lady sitting at the counter. The lady is not impressed by his idea of sport and killing an innocent animal and she tells him there is a judge and there is judgement and the mercy he will get is the mercy he has shown to the poor animal he has killed.