Light On A Fallen Star

Light On A Fallen Star

Broadcast: October 28, 1942
Added: Sep 05 2020

Today's program marks the start of Dr Christian's sixth consecutive year of broadcasting with this prizewinning story was written by thirty-one year old William Kendal Clark of Detroit, Michigan. This is his second radio play to be produced on a national program.

The action of the play begins on an airfield where planes are tested for the United States Navy. Grant Harper is talking to Doctor Christian with great enthusiasm about his love of the planes and no one could be more in awe of Grant Harper than his seven year old daughter Dodie whom he counts himself a lucky guy to have.

When a plane that Grant is testing catches fire and crash lands on a beach, Grant is physically unharmed but seriously suffering from shock. But, It is an even bigger shock that helps to get him over it.