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Letter The

Letter The

Broadcast: December 26, 1944
Starring: Petter Lorre
Added: Nov 01 2015

This is an exciting and dramatic version of Somerset Maugham's classic story, The Letter which was first published in 1926.

It is set in Singapore when Robert Crosbie owned a plantation there. His wife Leslie Crosbie has shot and killed Jeff Hammond who she claims tried to rape her. Her husband employs Edward Joyce to defend her and he is certain of getting her free on the grounds of self defence but then a copy of an incriminating letter turns up from a Chinese woman who lives in Hammond's house. 

This is an excellent story. If you like this you may also like the LUX Radio Theater version 

Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite authors and if you should ever come across his short story Up at the Villa it is well worth a read. Joy Norris.