Lemon Drop Kid, The

Lemon Drop Kid, The

Broadcast: December 10, 1951
Added: Dec 18 2021

Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell reprise their original 1951 Lemon Drop Kid film roles in this Christmas comedy Lux radio version. Horse racing, to the Lemon Drop Kid, so called because he's always eating lemon drops, is a business - for our hero is, what is vulgarly known as a tout - an alleged expert on picking winners. If the horse wins, he gets a reward, and if the horse doesn't win, he gets lost! The Lemon Drop Kid's system is infallible, simply touting every horse in every race. Except today, he's going to come up against gangster Moose Moran, when he steers his girl away from a winning bet. Moran gives The Lemon Drop kid until Christmas eve to come up with the $10,000 grand he owes him so he finds himself taking advantage of the Christmas spirit to raise the money.

Listen out for the hilarious ad-libbing from quick witted Bob Hope.