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Leech The

Leech The

Broadcast: 7th April 1954
Starring: Peter Lorre
Added: Oct 22 2009

Did you ever have a dream in which you were running and running, running away from some grotesque horrible thing that was after you to kill you? And you scream and you keep running it runs too and no matter how you run, how fast you run it’s still after you. This thing, this thing runs fast and you can’t get away from it no matter where you turn. When you wake up you know you’ve been dreaming but the sweat soaks your body like a wet shroud and your heart beats wildly and you find it’s a silkscreen because even though you’re awake that thing is still there in the room with you. It clings like a leech.

Listen then to this story of a man and of a leech he couldn’t get away from but in this story the Leech was dead and it was human…