Latin Type

Latin Type

Broadcast: 23rd May 1946
Starring: Dick Powell
Added: May 19 2009
Richard Rogue is travelling on the train in a compartment with Betty a friend and journalist to the Charlie Miller trial when a Latin type woman enters his compartment and says that there is a man on the train that has designs on her life. When the man knocks on the door the woman asks Rogue to look after her briefcase before leaving the compartment. The man comes back and whacks Betty and Rogue knocking them out before jumping from the train with the briefcase. However he has taken the wrong briefcase. Then Rogue discovers the Latin woman in her compartment stabbed to death and he has the briefcase, which is obviously the reason for her death. Things get more interesting when Rogue is told that the dead woman is Diane Miller wife of Charlie Miller on trial for murder.