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Later Than You Think

Later Than You Think

Broadcast: 29th January 1951
Added: Sep 29 2013

He's waited three years for his plans to work out for everything to be exactly the way he wanted it but maybe he's waited too long and maybe that strange sound he hears is the insistent voice of death...

When Nick Lagrange the leader of the racketeers is bailed to go free with $20,000 questions are raised as to who put up the bail, who is actually the brains behind the cities racketeers. Then the police discover that the car that Nick would have left the prison in had a bomb in it set to go off within 16 minutes of him starting the car. Who would want Nick dead? Then it isn't Nick that drives the car away it is Nick's girlfriend and the DA. There is a drastic attempt  to get to them before it is too late.