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Last Letter Home

Last Letter Home

Broadcast: July 13, 1950
Added: Sep 29 2014

Winner of the coveted Distinguished Unit Citation, the 332nd Fighter Group, comprised entirely of Negroes, was one of the outstanding combat units in World War II. In a chapter entitled, 'Last Letter Home' , Destination Freedom tells a part of a story of this great squadron. The story begins with a letter... 'Somewhere near Naples, Italy, March 23rd 1945, 3am. Dear Mum, I owe you a letter, I owe you a dozen letters. I write them in my head, but I can't seem to put them down on paper. But this letter, I want to think out first. I want to clear up a lot things that you'd want to know about my squadron, my life in Italy, my mission, and how I died."