Last Awakening, The

Last Awakening, The

Broadcast: November 7, 1945
Added: Nov 07 2020

Dr Christian and Judy are in the cinema and Dr Christian has fallen asleep. He wakes up to find that he's not the only one who fell asleep. Eighty-four other people are still asleep in their seats and nothing seems to wake them. Looks like the little town of Riversend has an epidemic of a sleeping illness sweeping through the town. 

This episode is the anniversary of the series's eighth year on the air.

As we put this live on RUSC 11/7/2020, wow this episode is 75 years old. Even in this episode when they thought the town was being swept by an epidemic, Riversend was put into a state of Quarantine! If only we could all wake up and end our 2020 CV pandemic!