It's hard to imagine that there was a time when children would rush home from school to hear the latest episode of their favourite serial, but in the mid 40s there were at least thirty such programs broadcast regularly each week.
Adventure AheadAdventure Ahead
Show Count: 11
Broadcast History:
Adventure ParadeAdventure Parade
Show Count: 2
Broadcast History:
Adventurers ClubAdventurers Club
Show Count: 3
Broadcast History:
Adventures of Ace Williams, TheAdventures of Ace Williams, The
Show Count: 2
Broadcast History: 1937 to 1938
Sponsor: Holsom Bread Company, San Joaquin Baking Company
Cast: Dan Ryan, Marjorie Hannan
"The Recorded Adventures of Ace Williams!"
Adventures of ChampionAdventures of Champion
Show Count: 3
Broadcast History: 1949
Director: William Burch
Producer: Gene Autry
Only 3 episodes are extant.
Adventures of Dick Cole, TheAdventures of Dick Cole, The
Show Count: 18
Broadcast History: 1942
Cast: Leon Janney
Adventures Of Frank MerriwellAdventures Of Frank Merriwell
Show Count: 38
Broadcast History: 26 March 1934 to 22 June 1934 and 5 October 1946 to 4 June 1949
Cast: Donald Briggs, Lawson Zerbe, Elaine Rost, Hal Studer, Lamont Johnson, Brad Barker, Grace Keddy, Patricia Hosley
Director: Joseph F Mansfield, Ed King, Harry Junkin, Fred Weihe
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell was created by Gilbert Patten who wrote under the name, Burt L. Standish and was first broadcast on NBC radio from March 26 to June 22, 1934 3 times a week in 15-minute continuation stories.
Adventures of Sonny and BuddyAdventures of Sonny and Buddy
Show Count: 46
Broadcast History: 1933-1934 and 1935-1936 100 episodes
Cast: Jack Edwards, Sam Edwards, Jack Edwards Sr
Sam Edwards played the role of 14 year old Buddy along side his brother Jack who starred as Sonny in Adventures of Sonny and Buddy, one of the first syndicated radio shows.
Air Adventures of BigglesAir Adventures of Biggles
Show Count: 92
Broadcast History:
In 1932, William Earl Johns, a former British bomber pilot, published the first of his 'Biggles' stories in the Popular Flying magazine.
Air Adventures Of Jimmie Allen, TheAir Adventures Of Jimmie Allen, The
Show Count: 120
Broadcast History: 1933 to 1937 and 1946 to 1947
Cast: John Frank, Shelby Storck, Jack Schlicter, Twila Comer
Air CastleAir Castle
Show Count: 45
Broadcast History:
Ann Of The AirlanesAnn Of The Airlanes
Show Count: 23
Broadcast History:
Big Jon and SparkieBig Jon and Sparkie
Show Count: 96
Broadcast History: 1950-1954
Cast: Jon Arthur
Producer: Jon Arthur
Blue Beetle TheBlue Beetle The
Show Count: 21
Broadcast History: 15 May 1940 to 13 September 1940
Cast: Frank Lovejoy
Bobby Benson's  AdventuresBobby Benson's Adventures
Show Count: 12
Broadcast History: 17 October 1932 to 11 December 1936 and 21 June 1949 to 17 June 1955
Cast: Billy Halop, Ivan Cury, Richard Wanamaker, Tex Ritter, Don Knotts, Herb Rice, Neil O'Malley, Craig McDonnell, Florence Halop, Clyde Campbell, Charles Irving, Bob Haig
Director: Bob Novak
Producer: Herb Rice
Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyBuck Rogers In The 25th Century
Show Count: 24
Broadcast History: 7 November 1932 to 22 May 1936, 5 April 1939 to 31 July 1939, 18 May 1940 to 27 July 1940 and 30 September 1946 to 28 March 1947
Sponsor: Kelloggs, Cocomalt, Cream of Wheat, General Foods
Cast: Curtis Arnall, Matt Crowley, Carl Frank, John Larkin, Adele Ronson, Virginia Vass, Edgar Stehli, Elaine Melchior, Bill Shelley, Dan Ocko, Jack Roseleigh, Joe Granby
Director: Jack Johnstone
Producer: Jack Johnstone
Captain MidnightCaptain Midnight
Show Count: 117
Broadcast History: 17 October 1939 to 27 March 1940, 30 September 1940 to 3 July 1942, 28 September 1942 to 17 June 1949 and 20 September to 15 December 1949
Cast: Art Hern, Bill Bouchey, Ed Prentiss, Paul Barnes, Shirley Bell, Billy Rose, Jack Bivens, John Coons, Boris Aplon, Rene Rodier, Sharon Grainger, Olan Soule, Angeline Orr, Marilou Neumayer, Sherman Marks
Challenge Of The YukonChallenge Of The Yukon
Show Count: 628
Broadcast History: 3 February 1938 to 28 May 1947, 12 June 1947 to 30 December 1949 and 2 January 1950 to 9 June 1955
Sponsor: Quaker Oats
Cast: Jay Michael, Paul Sutton, John Todd, Brace Beemer
Director: Al Hodge
Producer: Al Hodge, George Trendle
Challenge of the Yukon was a radio series that began on Detroit's station WXYZ (as had The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet), and an example of a Northern genre story. The series was first heard on February 3, 1938. The title changed from Challenge of the Yukon to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon in November 1951, and remained under that name through the end of the series and into television.
Chandu The MagicianChandu The Magician
Show Count: 295
Broadcast History: 10th October 1932 to 6th September 1950
Cast: Tom Collins, Gayne Whitman, Margaret MacDonald, Bob Bixby, Betty Webb, Howard Hoffman, Cornelia Osgood, Olan Soule, Audrey McGrath, Irene Tedrow, Lee Millar, Joy Terry, Veola Vonn, Luis Van Rooten
Director: Cyril Armbrister
Chandu the Magician, one of the longest running radio adventure serials, was heard on several different networks and aired in two distinctly different series, one in the 1930s and a revival 12 years later in the 1940s and 1950s. The series was created by Harry A. Earnshaw (1878–1953) and Raymond R. Morgan.
Cinnamon Bear, TheCinnamon Bear, The
Show Count: 28
Broadcast History: 1937 to 1962
Cast: Martha Wentworth, Buddy Duncan, Barbara Jean Wong, Verna Felton, Joseph Kearns, Hanley Stafford, Howard McNear, Slim Pickins, Elvia Allman, Elliott Lewis, Lou Merrill, Frank Nelson, Cy Kendall, Gale Gordon, Ted Osborne, Joe Du Val, Dorothy Scott, Ed Max, Rosa Barcelo, Lindsay MacHarrie, Bud Hiestand
Director: Lindsay MacHarrie
A wonderful serial that was enjoyed annually by young children (at adults) in the period leading up to Christmas.
Cisco Kid, TheCisco Kid, The
Show Count: 337
Broadcast History: 2 October 1942 to 14 February 1945, and 1946-1956
Cast: Vicki Vola, Jackson Beck, Louis Sorin, Bryna Raeburn, Jack Mather, Harry Lang
Director: Jock MacGregor
Producer: J C Lewis
Western Drama mainly for the young ones or maybe just the young at heart. I say the young at heart, because The Cisco Kid and his likeable but simple partner Pancho were a couple of lovable rogues and because there was usually a lovely senorita around in every episode who fell madly in love with Cisco, there may well have been an element of lady listeners included in the audience rating figures.
Dick TracyDick Tracy
Show Count: 54
Broadcast History: 4 February 1935 to 11 July 1935, 30 September 1935 to 24 March 1937, 3 January 1938 to 30 September 1939, and 15 March 1943 to 16 July 1948
Sponsor: Sterling Products, Quaker Oats, Tootsie Rolls
Cast: Bob Burlen, Barry Thomson, Ned Wever, Matt Crowley, Walter Kinsella , Jackie Kelk, Andy Donnelly, Helen Lewis
Director: Mitchell Grayson, Charles Powers, Bob White
Fire Fighters, TheFire Fighters, The
Show Count: 140
Broadcast History:
Flash GordonFlash Gordon
Show Count: 33
Broadcast History: April to October 1935 and September 1935 until February 1936
Cast: Gale Gordon, Maurice Franklin , James Meighan, Bruno Wick
Producer: Himan Brown
Gildersleeve's Stories For ChildrenGildersleeve's Stories For Children
Show Count: 7
Broadcast History: 1945 to 1947
Cast: Harold Peary
Green Hornet, TheGreen Hornet, The
Show Count: 187
Broadcast History: 31 January 1936 to 7 April 1938, 12 April 1938 to 9 November 1939, and 16 November 1939 to 5 December 1952
Sponsor: General Mills, United Shirt Shops, Detroit Creamery, Orange Crush
Cast: Al Hodge, Bob Hall, Donovan Faust, Jack McCarthy, Various, John Todd, Jack Petruzzi, Raymond Hayashi, Rollon Parker, Mickey Tolan, Lee Allman, Jim Irwin, Gil Shea, Paul Hughes
Director: James Jewell, Charles Livingstone
Producer: James Jewell, Charles Livingstone
Hop HarriganHop Harrigan
Show Count: 188
Broadcast History:
Cast: Charles Stratton, Ken Lynch, Jackson Beck, King Leonardo, Perry White, Mitzi Gould
Hop Harrigan was created by Jon Blummer, and is recognized as one of the first successful aviation heroes in comic history.
Jerry At Fair OaksJerry At Fair Oaks
Show Count: 65
Broadcast History:
Jerry Of The CircusJerry Of The Circus
Show Count: 128
Broadcast History:
Jonathan Thomas Christmas On The MoonJonathan Thomas Christmas On The Moon
Show Count: 26
Broadcast History:
Jump Jump and the Ice QueenJump Jump and the Ice Queen
Show Count: 25
Broadcast History: November 1948 to December 1948
Cast: Mary McConnell, Harry Hickox, Johnny McGovern
Jungle JimJungle Jim
Show Count: 451
Broadcast History: 2 November 1935 to 1 August 1954
Cast: Gerald Mohr, Matt Crowley, Franc Hale, Juano Hernandez
Producer: Jay Clark, Gene Stafford
Little Orphan AnnieLittle Orphan Annie
Show Count: 37
Broadcast History: 1930, 6 April 1931 to 30 October 1936, 2 November 1936 to 19 January 1940, and 22 January 1940 to 26 April 1942
Sponsor: Quaker Puffed Wheat Sparkies, Ovaltine
Cast: Shirley Bell, Floy Hughes, Bobbe Deane, Janice Gilbert, Jerry O’Mera, Henrietta Tedro, Allan Baruck, Mel Torme, Henry Saxe, Boris Aplon, Stanley Andrews, Brad Barker
Director: Alan Wallace
Magic IslandMagic Island
Show Count: 130
Broadcast History: 1936
Cast: Rosa Barcelo, Sally Creighton, Tommy Carr, Will H. Reynolds
Mickey Mouse Theater Of The AirMickey Mouse Theater Of The Air
Show Count: 7
Broadcast History:
Minnesota School of the AirMinnesota School of the Air
Show Count: 44
Broadcast History: 1938-1979
Cast: Betty Thomas Girling
Producer: Betty Thomas Girling
This was a series of instructional radio programs written and produced for school-age children to listen to in the classroom. Each series was designed to supplement the curriculum of local school districts, with the content aimed from kindergarten right through grade 12.
Omar, The Wizard of PersiaOmar, The Wizard of Persia
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History: 7 October 1935 to 10 July 1936
Cast: M. H. H. Joachim, Ethel Everett
Ranger BillRanger Bill
Show Count: 217
Broadcast History:
Cast: Miron Canaday
Director: Charles Christensen, Jim Grant
Red RyderRed Ryder
Show Count: 39
Broadcast History: 1942 to 1951
Sponsor: Langendorf Bread
Cast: Brooke Temple, Carlton KaDell, Reed Hadley, Tommy Cook, Henry Blair, Reed Hanley
Director: Paul Franklin
Producer: Paul Franklin
Silver Eagle, TheSilver Eagle, The
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History:
Sky KingSky King
Show Count: 9
Broadcast History: October 1946 to June 1954
Cast: Jack Bivens, Jack Lester, John Reed King, Beryl Vaughn, Cliff Soubier, Roy Engel, Earl Nightngale, Johnny Coons, Jim Bell
Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown GangSmilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang
Show Count: 4
Broadcast History:
Space PatrolSpace Patrol
Show Count: 97
Broadcast History:
Speed GibsonSpeed Gibson
Show Count: 178
Broadcast History: 1937 to 1938
Cast: Elliott Lewis, Hanley Stafford, Howard McNear, Sam Edwards, John Gibson
Straight ArrowStraight Arrow
Show Count: 14
Broadcast History: 6 May 1948 to 21 June 1951
Cast: Howard Culver, Fred Howard, Gwen Delano
Director: Ted Robertson, Neil Regan
Producer: Ted Robertson, Neil Regan
Tennessee JedTennessee Jed
Show Count: 9
Broadcast History:
Cast: Johnny Thomas, Don MacLaughlin
Tom Corbett, Space CadetTom Corbett, Space Cadet
Show Count: 47
Broadcast History: 1952
Sponsor: Kelloggs
Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters, TheTom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters, The
Show Count: 27
Broadcast History: Sept 25th, 1933 - December 16th, 1951
Cast: Russell Thorson, Curley Bradley
In early 1933, a survey of local school children determined their top western hero was Tom Mix, and from there, Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters was created as a new juvenile western radio adventure series.
Wild Bill HickokWild Bill Hickok
Show Count: 244
Broadcast History: 17 May 1951 to 12 February 1956
Sponsor: Kelloggs
Cast: Guy Madison, Andy Devine
Director: Paul Pierce
Producer: Paul Pierce
Your Story ParadeYour Story Parade
Show Count: 10
Broadcast History: