Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Broadcast: November 20, 1938
Starring: Burns Mantle
Added: Apr 11 2023

Julius Caesar was first played at the Globe Theater in London on September 21st 1599, and has long since been a popular classroom study. Of late years however, there have been few opportunities of seeing the play in actual and competent performance. Now these wonder workers of the radio are presenting their adaptation of the classic. With them you will see in your mind's eye, and hear clearly spoken the better part of Julius Caesar. 

The scene opens with the great Caesar, on his way to the games celebrating the holidays, being halted by the ominous cry of a soothsayer amongst the cheering crowd lining the street where his procession is passing. It is a day of brilliant sunshine, and he has just returned from the war as a hero, and is basking in the crowd's adulation...