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Judy Garland At 12 Years Old

Judy Garland At 12 Years Old

Broadcast: October 17, 1956
Added: Sep 30 2022

Ed Herlihy has been tracking down all of the pieces from the past that you want to hear. In today's show, you'll hear a priceless bit of radio, which he came across by accident whilst searching for some of the listeners requests. It's one of Judy Garland's first time radio appearances when she was twelve years old! Also in today's show, Fanny Brice sings My Man; Joe Penner tells jokes and sings When The Pussywillow Whispers to the Catnip; Ginger Rogers sings Isn't This a Lovely Day to be Caught in the Rain; Mickey Rooney sings When I Grow Up to Be a Man; and Bob Hope stars in Brenda and Cobina.