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Joys of Fatherhood

Joys of Fatherhood

Broadcast: 1951
Added: Jun 21 2015
Randy Stone is sitting at his typewriter in the city room with no one around. He's finishing a real good yarn about an old lady and how she pioneered the Old West. The typewriter is clacking merrily on its way when a guy walks in, a fellow reporter, slightly tipsy, overcoat, tie, collar unfastened, and he flops down beside you. He throws his hat on Randy's desk and his hair looks like it just came back from a Florida hurricane. It seems this man's wife is in the hospital ready to give birth, and for the rest of this episode, Randy keeps the expectant father company and they discuss all the things that go along with fatherhood, life in general, and, well, just about everything to try to keep this father to be on an even keel.