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Jet Stream

Jet Stream

Broadcast: 1st December 1957
Added: Dec 02 2010

The story you are about to hear concerns a murderer and his accomplices. One of the accomplices is innocent because it is a blind blameless phenomenon of which we know little except that it does exist. This accomplice is a freak of nature which lives high in the stratosphere at altitudes sometimes too great for commercial airliners but at altitudes less and less challenging to military jets. It is a narrow river of wind, sometimes iot dries up like a creek in summer, but after flood its velocity is incredible it has been caught at 200 miles per hour and just as a river will add its own speed to the efforts of an oarsman stroking down stream this current of air adds its velocity to an east bound plane clever enough to find the current. This river of wind is called the jet stream, this is the story of how it sped a murderer from his crime…

Produced by: William N. Robeson