Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Broadcast: 22nd February 1977
Added: Mar 06 2014

Standing proudly in wild and bleak moorlands stands Thornfield Hall, the home of the Rochesters. Miss Jane Eyre has taken the position of governess at the opulent mansion, for the child of Mr Rochester, a man she has yet to meet. 

As the story begins, Jane has offered to post a letter for the housekeeper at the nearest village, which is two miles away. She welcomes the opportunity to take the walk across the moors, but on the way, she stops to help a stranger who has taken a tumble from his horse. He is rather surly, and Jane is relieved once he mounts his horse and rides away. Though when she return to Thornfield Hall later, she discovers that the injured rider was none other than her employer, the formidable Mr Rochester...