Jackpot, The

Jackpot, The

Broadcast: April 26, 1951
Added: Mar 03 2023

James Stewart reprises his 1950 comedy film role as Bill Lawrence a regular guy, with a lovely wife, two kids, a great job, and fabulous friends. However, he's pretty unhappy with his lot, and thinks his life is boring. This all changes when he wins lots of prizes on a radio quiz program, and for a while everything seems perfect. But the cracks soon start to show, and then his happiness really is short-lived when he discovers he has to pay tax on the prizes!

At the end of the show James Stewart pays tribute to the screen director Walter Lang and introduces him to say a few words.

This episode marked the anniversary of Screen Directors Playhouse's 100th broadcast.

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope appear to advertise Chesterfield cigarettes.