Jack Webb Show, The

Jack Webb Show, The

When I listen to this show now I find it so far removed from the serious Dragnet series, which is synonimous with Webb, but it does rather remind me of other madcap comedies that were around at the time such as the British Goon Show.

If you remember the Dragnet Comedy film from the 1980’s, which Jack Webb was also credited with writing, then you may find the comedy similar in its silliness. You'll either love this or hate it but it did have me chuckling to myself in parts and the music and vocals are wonderful. Webb's love of Jazz music is evident with the inclusion of Dixieland jazz music by Phil Bovero and his Raggedaires, which is heard throughout the show.

The show lasted one season, the Spring of 1946. Only two episodes are extant.

Broadcast: 10th April 1946
Added: May 21 2006
Broadcast: 17th April 1946
Starring: Jack Webb
Added: May 20 2006