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It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life

Broadcast: 8th May 1949
Added: Dec 19 2004
Introduced by Screen Director Frank Capra It’s A Wonderful Life holds a simple message of goodwill, a warm human story to be shared by everyone especially in the Christmas Holiday, the season of good will.

In this radio version James Stewart plays his original screen role of George Bailey who on the eve of Christmas day 1948 was on the verge of suicide. George grew up in the small town of Bedford Falls in Connecticut and all his life aspired to travelling the world but as a dutiful son he takes over his father’s savings and loans business and helps the people of the town against the greedy banker Mr Potter. Bailey puts everyone before himself and then finally under the stress of it all he is saved from killing himself by his angel Clarence who shows him how different the lives of the people around him would be without him. Of course George Bailey finally comes to realize that “it’s a wonderful life”.

Make sure you have a tissue at the ready!